Just like the title says these resources are useful to everyone, on line that is. Some of these will seem obvious, but I created this list with the less tech savy internet user in mind.

firefox web browser-Internet Explorer is full of bugs and proprietary Microsoft coding, do yourself a favor a switch to Mozilla's open source browser firefox, it is more secure and displays webpages in a more universal way.
google GMAIL Everybody know they can search the web via Google, but not near as many people know about the host of useful online tools google provides for free, set up a free Gmail account for unimited email storage and access to many useful google apps, a powerful online personal calendar, word processor and spread sheet program, a personalized igoogle home page, the ability to build free "google sites" (free websites hosted by google), or set up your own blog on blogger and a whole lot more. The other big advantage to igoogle is all of these services are connected to your gmail account so you can log in once for all of them.

flickr photo sharing | hosting got photos to share with family and friends, flickr for my money is the easiest of the photo hosting sharing programs to use, it does impose a monthly limit on your photo uploads and you must register for a Yahoo account, but for most users it is a non issue.

WikiHow most folks know about the gigantic online encyclopedia - wikipedia...not near as many know about its younger sibling WikiHow, need to know how to make chile relanos? ask wiki how and someone probably wrote an article on it, the content is user edited and written so bear that in mind.

WordMonkey Translator will convert english into most other world languages or vise a versa....helps me with spanish constantly.